Flexible stone Delap


Natural stone



Wall Weight (lb/sq. ft.) Saving 1 lb/sq. ft*2000=2000 lb
Thikness  0,16 in 4 in
Glue consumption Saving 1100 lb 2200 lb
Bag 80 lb 14 bag 14 bag 28 bag
Saving None, glue serve as grout 1100 lb/sq.ft
Bag 80 lb 14 bag 0 14 bag
CUT  2 items Equipment Scissors Equipment. Stone cutter
Time for installation  40 hours 53 sq.ft/per hour 26 sq.ft/per hour
Shipping /Packing  2 shipping 2152 sq.ft /1 pallet 500 sq.ft/1 pallet
1 pallet/small truck 4 pallet /big truck
Accessories Not, elastic. Corner element, screw
Protective paper Yes No
Recommended Building Types Commercial and institutional buildings
High-traffic areas of multifamily residential structures
High-end single family homes
Buildings requiring a high fire rating
Noisy environments
Protective paper The stone can be glued on Stone Veneer Mortar (Space Mix «PMSVM», Pro Masonry Mortar Mix, Sakrete Stone Veneer Mortar, Quick Mortar Mix).
Backup  concrete, masonry, wallboard, plywood, drywall, concrete block + METAL concrete, masonry, wallboard, plywood, drywall, concrete block
Summary 2 times lighter than natural stone veneer/brick
2 times thinner than natural stone veneer/brick. Thickness stone 4 mm
2 times cheaper shipping. Because one pallet we can put 2200 sq.ft
2  times faster installation. Because don need using Equipment and accessorieshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnyKBj6DkQg
Low consumption of supporting materials*2 times
Special protective paper on the face of stone. Protect stone during the grouting
No accessories
You can save money with our stone:

  1. Shipping
  2. Installation: time and human resource
  3. Small glue consumption 5 lb/10 sq.ft/
  4. Equipment. It is unnecessary. We need only scissors
  5. Expendable material. A small flow of glue and grout.
  6. No accessories
• Color fastness
• Water-resistant
• Frost- resistant
• UV resistant
• Easy to clean